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Friday, July 08, 2005


"The Bush administration’s “war on terrorism” reflects a major failure of leadership and makes Americans more vulnerable rather than more secure. The administration has chosen a path to combat terrorism that has weakened multilateral institutions and squandered international goodwill. Not only has Bush failed to support effective reconstruction in Afghanistan, but his war and occupation in Iraq have made the United States more vulnerable and have opened a new front and a recruiting tool for terrorists while diverting resources from essential homeland security efforts. In short, Washington’s approach to homeland security fails to address key vulnerabilities, undermines civil liberties, and misallocates resources."

Has the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan made the world a safer place. Judging from yesterday's bombings I don't think so - not yet, maybe not ever. History will be the judge. What other choices did America have after 9/11? And, if Bush had not gone to war, would yesterday's bombing still have taken place? They may have happened anyway. We just don't know. Is the insurgency in Iraq getting better or worse? Those on the left will say it's getting worse and cite evidence to support their views. Those on the right will say the situation is improving and cite evidence to support their views. The only truth we can really know for certain is that we don't know what the truth really is. For all that we live in age of unprecedented access to information, our views become shaped by the political slant or agenda of the media that we choose to read or watch. The stories, facts and versions of reality are filtered through the world view and biases of the journalists and analysts that bring us the news.

One thing that I do believe though is this - Bush did not go to war with Iraq out of the goodness of his heart or because he wanted to bring "freedom and democracy" to a couple of Arabs living under a dictatorship. Throughout history men have gone to war for reasons of winning territory, wealth, and power. War is an expensive , ugly business. Are we now suddenly to believe that George W Bush is some sort of morally superior Mother Theresa, and that America is the first nation in history ever to go to war to "make the world a better place". I don't think so. America went to war for the same reasons as men usually go to war - to spread the sphere of their political influence, and do what they think is best for America. What's best for America is not the same as what's best for the rest of the world. Africa is a prime example.

Country's do not have morals, they have interests. I for one donnot believe that America is the first country in the history of the world to deviate from this way of being.


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