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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Mbeki vs Zuma

"Mbeki’s plot to oust Jacob Zuma, considered fair by some, foul by others, backfired horribly. Using selective justice to expose Zuma via the corruption charges against Schabir Shaik resulted in unintended consequences that nearly split the ANC apart. Had this same justice been applied equally to those implicated in the Travelgate and Oilgate scandals, and many others before, the pro-Zuma faction would hardly have a case. Had the National Prosecuting Authority investigated others in the party with equal alacrity, this lack of urgency would not be as suspect as it is.

Moreover, Mbeki’s attempts to centralise control through co-option, nepotism, cronyism, and black economic empowerment have unleashed a resistance to black minority elitism reminiscent of our opposition to white minority domination, especially when government fails to deliver services to the poor. The silence on HIV/AIDS and Zimbabwe worsens the situation. And the conspiratorial, cliquey, secretive and power-hungry style of leadership is what the rank and file will no longer tolerate. "

Some insightful analysis from Rhoda Kadalie.


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