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Thursday, July 07, 2005

It could only happen to Bush

George W. does it again. He really should be more careful when playing with bicycles.

"US President George W. Bush on Thursday laughed off questions about a bicycle mishap the previous day when he ran into a policeman at the Group of Eight leaders' summit.
Bush had to be treated for scratches on his hands and arms after he went for a spin on his bicycle and collided with a policeman guarding the summit venue in Gleneagles, Scotland, according to his spokesman.

Asked about his injuries during a morning press conference with British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who is hosting the event, Bush said he was ready to get back in the saddle. "I feel good, yes. Ready to go," he told reporters. "It's a beautiful day for a bike ride," he joked, adding: "So was yesterday, I thought." The policeman fared slightly less well. He was taken to hospital with a minor ankle injury." (Sapa)


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