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Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Well, well, well, a fascinating day in the world of South African politics. So Zuma has been sacked. He does however retain his position as deputy president of the ANC, so if the NPA does not chose to prosecute him, he could still end up being this country’s next President in 2009 when Mbeki steps down. A lot obviously will also hinge on whether Shaik is given leave to appeal.

Here are my speculations:

The alliance finally splits - Zuma (providing the NPA leaves him alone) heads up a new political party consisting of Cosatu, SACP and left leaning members of the former tripartite alliance.

Zuma, also providing the NPA leaves him alone, goes into business, becomes the chairman of a new BEE consortium and goes on to make Tokyo and Cyril look like paupers.

Zuma gets deployed as head of CEO of the SABC replacing Peter Matlare who’s post has not yet been filled.

On a more serious note, Zuma has recently addressed the media and indicated that he will continue in his work as deputy president of the ANC. Considering his refusal to step down, and his fighting stance over the past couple of days, his response to being fired was surprisingly humble and gracious, and let’s just say more cynically speaking, highly diplomatic. I almost felt sorry for him. I guess it doesn’t take a genius to observe that there will be lots of behind the scenes maneuverings going on in the ANC right now as people decide which side of the political line they want to stand on. I also think that when it comes to climbing the political career ladder people tend to be pragmatists and so a lot of Zuma supporters might now be carefully re-considering their positions. Will overall unity hold out? The days and weeks ahead are going to be very, very interesting indeed.


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