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Monday, June 20, 2005

Zuma get's his day in court

So, it’s official. Zuma has been charged by the National Prosecuting Authority on two accounts of corruption. Excellent! Not in the sense that I want to see Zuma to go down - although I believe that Mbeki did the right thing to fire him, I also definitely think the man deserves his day in court. My reasons for this are purely pragmatic – I think a proper court trial will have a stabilizing effect on the political scene. The Zuma rebellion had the potential to lead to grassroots conflict from his supporters, now Zuma’s supporters will get the court case that they have been baying for. It will be interesting to see what this means in terms of the internal power struggle within the ruling party and the alliance. It will also be interesting to see if the person that Mbeki chooses to be the new deputy president will be someone that the left can rally around. If it is, the alliance and other Zuma support groups like the young lions, will have to do some hard thinking about their continued support for the former deputy president. I wonder if this will mean that Zuma will have to step down from his position as deputy president of the ANC until the trial is concluded?

I just hope that this time they appoint a black judge, or a judge that can't be accused of racist behaviour. Oh well, whatever happens I guess we can expect a colourful display of toyi-toying when the trial finally begins in earnest.


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