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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Youth Leaguers

Heheheh!!!! The ANC Youth League have just released their press statement responding to their hero's demise. OK, I know I'm being completely nasty about this, but the young lions, or the armani socialists, as calls them, seem to have undergone a bit of an about turn, or a change of heart. I guess they know which side their bread is buttered on after all.

They have gone from this, issued last week - "We remain fast on our view that Justice Squires committed a grave error of judgement in pronouncing an opinion on Deputy President Zuma’s integrity while he was never on trial. The diatribe against the Deputy President was not only shocking but a shameless violation of every principle of justice.”

To this, issued today "The ANCYL joins the ANC Deputy President, Jacob Zuma and the ANC in accepting and supporting the decision by President Thabo Mbeki, to release the Deputy President, Jacob Zuma of his duties. The President in his address yesterday, emphasised a need to observe basic pillars of our jurisprudence, namely equality before the law and the right to be presumed innocent until proven otherwise."

Of course they are still backing their man, but that support is starting to sound just a little watered down compared to the fiery rhetoric of the previous week, and their hijacking of a youth unemployment protest march to publicise the cause of their icon. I can't help wondering if someone from the Mbeki camp gave the little lions a bit of a rapping over the knuckles.

The journey to political success and self-enrichment is suddenly starting to look a lot more blurry for our intrepid politicians in the making.


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