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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Wimpy Boycott

I have decided to boycott Wimpy. Not that I ever eat there anyway....but now not even total desperation will ever get me through those Wimpy door posts. No, this is not a result of any McDonalds type anti-globalisation sentiment towards exploitative corporations - I just happen to think their new ad campaign sucks big time. It's sexist and insulting to women. I didn't like their street pole ads proclaiming the wonders of their new Burgers for Men - I just thought, I'm not a man so I won't eat their stupid Men Only burgers.

Their TV ad campaign is further insult to injury. In the ad a family is eating out at a Wimpy diner when the proud father announces to the entire room that his little boy has left his first towel on the floor. This peice of idiocy is greeted with stupendous joy by all the men in the restaurant who rise up to give the boy a standing ovation while the mom and a little girl look on in horror. The little boy then gets rewarded for leaving his towel on the floor with Wimpy's dumb ass enormous Man Only burger.

This kind of gender stereotyping is insulting. I'm sure that I'm not the only women in the world who's more likely to leave a towel lying around than her male counterpart, and secondly, I couldn't give a continental if my husband left his towel on the floor. In fact, men are more than welcome to drop their towels on the floor, they can also leave their underpants and stinky socks on the floor to gather mould for as long as they like. As long as I don't have to pick them up, I'm happy.


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