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Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Rape is a sad reality for far too many women in South Africa. Although the actual statistics are disputed, it is clear that we have one of the highest levels of rape in a country at peace. Now someone has come up with a bizarre answer to the problem. As Independent Online reports:

"A rape victim once wished for teeth "where it mattered". Now a device has been designed to "bite" a rapist's penis. The patented device looks and is worn like a tampon, but it is hollow and attaches itself with tiny hooks to a man's penis during penetration."We have to do something to protect ourselves. While this will not prevent rape it will assist in identifying attackers and securing convictions," claims Sonette Ehlers, inventor of the device."

This is indeed a bizarre and impracticle response towards rape prevention. If anything it further victimises women and makes their lifestyles subject to the whims of violent men. As gender expert Lisa Vetten puts it:

"It is like we are going back to the days where women were forced to wear chastity belts. It is a terrifying thought that women are being made to adapt to rape by wearing these devices."

The rest of the article is here.


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