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Friday, April 08, 2005

More women only

Gabbahead has a story about women’s only train carriages in Japan. The idea is to promote safety. South Africa is following suite. No, Metro Rail has nothing to do with it, but the Royal Hotel in Durban is following international hotel trends by dedicating an entire floor for use by female guests only. This was done to ensure that women would feel safer and more secure in the hotel.

Internationally, hotels have started marketing their services towards women travelers following a large increase in the numbers of single female travelers over the past three decades. A study conducted by New York University, indicated that while in 1971 only 1% of international travelers were women, by 2003 the number had risen closer to 40%.

The Royal Hotel in Durban’s service extends beyond safety to include flowers, new bathrobes, and petals in the bathroom. Female guests will have access to their own female butlers whose duties would include secretarial services and bookings for various services, functions and travel arrangements. But best of all you even get to have your very own pink manicure set. Whoopeee!!!!!


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