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Monday, April 04, 2005

Another quote

“These groups, at the head of which stands the ruling circles in America, are determined to perpetuate a permanent atmosphere of crisis and fear in the world. Knowing that a frightened world cannot think clearly, these groups attempt to create conditions under which the common men might be inveigled into supporting the building of more and more atomic bombs, bacteriological weapons, and other instruments of mass destruction. These crazy men whose prototype is to be found at the head of the trusts and cartels of America and Western Europe do not realise that they will suffer the destruction that they are contemplating for their innocent fellow beings.”

A highly contentious statement, but what makes it interesting to me is that it was uttered by former President Nelson Mandela 54 years ago in 1951. Whether you agree with it or not, is one thing, but it’s amazing that what Mandela said as far back as 1951 in terms of wmd’s etc still has so much meaning and relevance as we stand here today. And we do know now that America exaggerated the threat of wmd’s to justify their war project in Iraq.


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