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Friday, January 14, 2005

Plots galore

In a new twist following hot on the heels of the Mark Thatcher mercenary saga, two curators, and a director of the War Museum in Saxonwold Johannesburg, have been arrested and accused of plotting a coup to take over the Union Buildings in Pretoria. Okay, maybe not….but the above mentioned persons from the above mentioned museum have indeed been arrested for the illegal possession of suspected stolen military vehicles. reports that police seized at least four military vehicles and two cannon from the museum’s premises, where horror of all horrors, considering that this is a war museum that we are speaking about, they were actually on display. According to the Defence Force the vehicles were supposed to have been destroyed and were at the museum without their knowledge. As the treacherous trio were led away in handcuffs, a visibly upset John Keene, the museum director commented, “They are going to destroy the vehicles. It’s like throwing paint on the Mona Lisa.” Let’s hope that this incriminating statement will not be used against him in court. Doing their bit to augment this little melodrama were Dr Pallo Jordan, minister for arts and culture, and Prof Itumeleng Mosala director general of arts and culture who raced to the scene as soon as they heard about the raid. Shedding light on the situation, Mosala said, “We don’t know the facts and therefore cannot comment.”

Adding flames to the fire, Sapa sensationally reports the story by claiming that the men were arrested for “stockpiling working weapons and military vehicles” Hello, Saddam Hussein. Said acting museum director Sandy Mckenzie, "It is our function as a museum to collect and preserve such artifacts in working order. Are we then also guilty of stockpiling medals, flags, badges and uniforms?"


Reuters also has the story.


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