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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Nigeria in Asia

In this cold hard world that we live in, it's good to know that there are still altruistic, caring individuals out there who sacrifice everything to do good things for their communities, like helping orphans for example. I got this in my inbox today, and I feel really honoured to have been singled out by one such person who has reached out to make it possible to do the same good in my own country so that I too can for example help impoverished orphans. In the same spirit of human generosity, here are the details in case anyone else would like to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.

Dear Beloved,

I'm Rev Sunny Musu, a kuwait citizen, transfered to Asia Dioceses in Malaysia, after the war that happen in Iraq. And the sole owner of (Sunny Foundation!!)but made fame in Iraq.I've been into helping the ophans for the past10 years. I became a great man when i had a licence to be an international crude oil maketer 5 years Ago. I've help so many orphanages homes,needy homes and the less priviledge accross the African continents,with the wealth God gave to me.The last conflicts that happened in Iraq made me to loose all i've worked for.I lost entire all i've worked for.Now i am very ill with cancer. The doctor said i've a little more time to stay in this planet.
My good friend, i want you to do me a favour.i will want you to assist me with the distribution of funds to ophans that you know in your country. I kept some amount of money in a private security and Finance company,here in Malaysia Asia country where i am now and this amount is usd$6 million dollars.

I want you to take the place of my next of Kin.I'm doing this base on the short time i've on Earth. Please this should be confidential between you and me. If this transaction is sucessful,which i believe it would. i will want you to take 20% /10% will be for all the expenses and 70% should be distributed amongst the orphanage homes in Africa/And your country. Please get back to me Urgently, as i am sending you this mail via my foundations email. I will want you to email me back via the foundations

May God bless you
Rev Sunny Musu.


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