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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Back to reality

I'm back from Cape Town and back to work and reality. Cape Town was incredible, it is just such a beautiful place to be, and although I'm not the most well travelled person on earth, I think that the western Cape must be one of the most beautiful regions in the world - at least in summer, and with the exception of the wind. Here are a few highlights:


Scarborough, just close to Cape Point, is my favourite place, and if there is anywhere that I dream of being able to live one day it's here. This picture of the Scarborough coastline says it all. Scarborough is a small hamlet consisting mainly of houses, many of them holiday houses, and has a small permanent community. It nestles against steep fynbos covered cliffs, and runs down to a magnificent unspoilt white beach with heartstopping icy water. There's one main road, two restaurants and that's it, for any shopping you have to go to Noordhoek. What I love so much about Scarborough, other than the sheer beauty of the place, is it's stong sense of being elemental, of the elements. At the risk of sounding like a shoo wow, shoo wow Cape Town neo-hippy, there is something about the place that heightens your awareness of the powerful forces of nature - wind, sun, sky, sand, mountains and sea, and it makes you feel as if you want to be creative, to write, to draw...but I'll leave it there before I get completely carried away.


Spier Lake

Spier ducks


This was my first visit to Spier, and I was very pleasantly surprised, it was much nicer than I expected. It's set in beautiful, tranquil surroundings with a lake and green lawns and mountains on the horizon. You can lounge under tented canopies on comfy sofa's at Moyo's for drinks or grab a selection of fine foods from the Spier Deli and picnic by the lake. I really recommend going there, on the day we went we had perfect weather with blue skies and a breathe of wind.

Hout Bay

Seal colony on Duiker Island

American crane barge that ran aground during a storm in 1994

For the reasonable sum of R45 per adult, you can go on an hour long cruise out into the bay to see the seals and a shipwreck.

Robben Island

View of Table Mountain from Robben Island

Poster of last political prisoners to leave the island. Caption on the poster reads "We want Robben Island to reflect the triumph of freedom and human dignity over oppression and humiliation."

Finally made it to Robben Island. The tour is extremely popular with both local and international sightseers so I recommend booking ahead over the December season.


Penguin colony at Boulders Beach in Simonstown

V & A Waterfront


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