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Friday, November 19, 2004

Working in Aussie

When I think about Australia, I tend to think of blokes with corks on their hats, drinking beer and taking life easy with a "No worries, mate" attitute. However, Reuters reports that Australians work the longest hours in the developed world. A new report Titled "Take The Rest Of The Year Off Day", says that that if Australians took the rest of the year off from tomorrow and then took their annual four weeks leave, they would still work the same as the average worker in other industrialised countries.

Australians clock up about 1,855 hours' work each year compared to the developed country average of 1,643 hours. Australians are working longer hours than Americans, the next longest working nation, and even the Japanese, who are known for the phenomenon of "karoshi" or "death by work." Apparently Australian workers are paying the price with their health, they are reporting higher degrees of stress and anxiety, and obesity, depression and heart disease are on the rise.


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