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Monday, November 15, 2004

SA Wine

Some facts about South African wines (as reported by Sapa)

Groot Constantia

South Africa is the world's sixth largest wine producer, with 2.8 percent of global production.

The wine-industry is estimated to be worth R14.6 billion.

In 2001, there were 4390 primary wine producers and 388 cellars, an increase of 15 percent since 1999.

The area under vines is some 106,000 hectares.

About 746 million litres of wine were produced annually from 314 million vines.

South African wine exports grew to 210 million litres in 2002, up from 50.7 million litres in 1994.

In 2001 South Africa imported 2.4 million litres of natural wine, 20,787 litres of fortified wine and 15,103 litres of sparkling wine.

About 50 percent of bottled wine exports are to the UK, 21 percent to the Netherlands, nine percent to Scandinavia and 6.5 percent to Germany, together accounting for over 85 percent of South Africa's wine exports.

Other markets currently taking under three percent of exports, but identified as growth opportunities, include the US, India, China and Japan.

The wine industry brings an estimated 43 percent of tourists to South Africa visiting the wine lands.

The wine industry indirectly contributed more than R3.5 billion annually to the tourism industry.


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