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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Hello Peter

Here's your chance to complain about the general shite standard of service in the retail sector in South Africa. We went to the bank this morning, and outside the bank there were about 10 people hanging around with placards round their necks that read "WARNING!!!! Standard Bank divulged the confidential banking information of Deon Delport without his consent. How safe is your info? Visit ref:D.Delport"

Well of course my curiosity got the best of me and later on when I eventually got back home - after waiting at the bank for almost two hours to see a personal banker, followed by45 minutes in Truworths Cresta to try and get some service to return a shirt that was too small, followed by half an hour at the cell phone shop who went and blacklisted my cellphone handset two weeks after after I had clearly told them to halt the process - I went to look up Hello Peter.

Basically, although the site is also an advertising vehicle, you can go and make complaints about bad service that you have received. A lot of the large companies also subscribe to the site eg Discovery Health, FNB etc and they ACTUALLY, surprise, surprise, respond to people's comments and try to sort them out. Also some of the people who complained ended up getting some quite nice sound advice from other complainers on how to handle their problems.

It also seems like the site is being quite well used by the public, for example - you can also make positive comments - Discovery had 63 positive comments and 348 complaints, Edgars had 59 positive comments and 165 complaints, and ABSA had 142 positive coments and a whopping 768 complaints.


At 9:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I recieved the best service in Edgars Eastgate mall last night at about 9.00 o' clock. Looking for foundation and being a first time user I found many staff members not willing to help me, but the next thing I found two young ladies working a the DIOR counter.
I felt as though i was the only customer in the store, they were bursting with energy and really went out of thier way to help.

To Noeraan & Matapelo thank you very much keep up the good work.

It is wonderful to find people going out of thier way while others congregate and don't worry about the customer

At 8:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nedbank Arcadia (PTA) has one of the most incompetent bankers working there (Brenda) this lady does not know wether she is coming or going. A word of advice should she help you make sure that you make a follow up cause chances are that she is going to f*ck up.

At 9:06 AM, Anonymous Miss Seleke said...

I want to complain about the bad customer service i got from Funiture city Struben valley.a week ago i bought a fridge and they delivered the wrong one.i made them aware and they brought the SAME fridge.i am still waiting for the fridge that i paid for to be delivered!!!
P.S: I am still waiting for the courtesy call I was supposed to receive on Saterday morning.

At 3:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nandos Midrand provides a really pathetic service especially when you get take aways.

I called them 3 times to let them know that part of my order was not delivered and they promised to send it. This was a week ago and I am still waiting

At 2:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


ACSA is not wheelchair firendly.On the eve of a Christmas weekend(Friday 22 December @ 8.30pm)my aunt( who is a paralegic) could not be taken to my motor vehicle due to the fact that there were no wheelchairs at the aorport!!!

The airliner that transpaorted the passenger from Durban to Jhb refused to allow us, to use their wheelchair to the parking lot.

When staff at ACSA where asked why they did not have wheelchairs they said that they " don't know "

To compound the issue the ticket machines out of a possible 5 only had 2 working.

The service at this airport is digusting. Further more their attitude about disabled people is even worse.

At 10:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reanult South Africa and, more specifically Renault Sandton, should be ashamed! Their new ad campaign claims fantastic service, a courtesy car and a product – namely Renault cars – that is reliable. All of this would be wonderful if such claims were not made laughable by the true nature of their service and product. I own a Renault Megan that has only done 55 000 kms and already it has had more parts - some of which such as the engine mountings are serious pieces of equipment - replaced than I had replaced on my 200 000 kms Mazda. What kind of product are they selling? Safe, I think not. This aside, the service and behaviour of their staff is utterly appalling. I did not spend the amount that I have on their, so called, superior product to be treated as an inconvenience by the members of staff that I have had the profoundly unpleasant experience of meeting. Unfortunately, I have already purchased the car and am therefore stuck with it. However, I do not have to like or stay silent about the treatment I have had to endure and if you think that this is the only attempt I have made to complain; you are wrong. I have contacted both Renault SA and Renault Sandton in connection with my concerns and am still awaiting a response. This after three call each over the last three months.

At 9:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes I agree the Reno promise is a complete farce. The only difference is that my complaint is with Reno Rosebank but they seem to all be the same. I also have a megane (2 years old and 37000km) that needs serious repairs and the staff do not show any concern and are quite indifferent and never get back to me as we have discussed. I dropped my car off last week for an assessment - this was done and the staff were aware of all the issues but could not do it that day. I took it back when it suited them, only to be told that they would take two days to look at the problem – I requested a courtesy vehicle and was told only if parts required were not available. Now 5 days later they are saying that the parts are not available but they are in SA so no courtesy vehicle is given? They also inform me that I need to pay the bill as they will only cover 20% of the damage yet the car is still under motor plan? I find it completely unacceptable and would recommend that people do not buy Reno.

At 9:32 PM, Blogger minaaz said...

to anyone who is reading this...DONOT EVER GO TO THE CALEDON HOTSPRINGS RESORT & CASINO HOTEL!!!!This is what i experinced.
1.we were greeted by an a receptionist who did not even look up, till 30 seconds later.
2.we were given our gowns (the terry cloth ones) in reception.
3.they do not have a ramp for disabled geusts.
4.our aircon was dripping onto the T.V so we couldnt use both, thus our room was a furnace. service closes at 10pm!!!!
6.on our cieling was a huge HAIRY,SPIDER with all the big thick legs etc.
7.nobody came to our room after calling for help 20minutes ago.
we found a bellboy who helped us kill it & who informed us about how deadly the spider is.(we have video footage)
8.complementary gifts is a lady knocking at your door handing you a nougart from a pick n pay plastic bag. is the worst food you will ever taste.a pizza is honestly a margerrita from shoprite, stuck in the microwave. 'EXOTIC' fruit platter is a side plate with soggy grapes & some orange segments.

At 5:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To everyone..
Q PHOTO must be the most promesing business, but unfortunatly they wont last long because of their poor servicce, bad staff and pathetic management.

I have horror stories about the Q Photo in Centurion that will make your hair stand up.
No wonder they are called Q photo- you have to stand in a que for hours!!!!!
Not to talk about them loosing photos, giving me someone elses film, being short staffed, NOT TRAINED PROPERLY and very unfriendly.

This morning I had to wait half an hour to just make a few photo copies, people had to wait for id photos and there were only two ladies on duty.(this in the holiday after a long weekend, they must know they will be busy?)
To make things worse both ladies were not trained properly, and one dissapeared to the back, throwing up, the whole shop could hear!!! The other lady commented that she felt a bit ill......


At 8:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Friends, family and I received the worst service at Boston Barbeque at the Golden Horse Casino in Pietermaritzburg yesterday. We went to have drinks there while enjoying the horse racing and we were actually shocked at the lack of hospitality, friendliness and general courtesy of the management of that establishment. Being horse owners, we are often staying over at hotels outside of Jo'Burg when our horses are racing but that is the absolute last time we visit that shocking excuse of a restaurant. I have never had service that bad in Jozzie!

At 2:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been a faithful Cell C subscriber for years and i have been trying in vain to get them to call me regarding a query i logged last friday, 20 April 2007. To date they have not called me to settle this , i have over 4 contracts with them and their service is pathetic. I hope the CEO can read this to justify the appalling customer service i got. V Naidoo, Jhbg

At 2:40 PM, Anonymous V Naidoo said...

I have been a faithful Cell C subscriber for years and i have been trying in vain to get them to call me regarding a query i logged last friday, 20 April 2007. To date they have not called me to settle this , i have over 4 contracts with them and their service is pathetic. I hope the CEO can read this to justify the appalling customer service i got. V Naidoo, Jhbg

At 5:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want to report Furniture City for the sh*t service they offered me.I went to purchase goods on credit and me being an existing account holder with the Roodepoort branch I didnt think it would take a week for a deal to be approved from the Fourways branch as Roodepoort already had my profile.I was told I would be called back on a working day once they've confirmed my employment with HR...that was never done and I had to do the follow only to be told by Romeo that the lady(Tryphina)who assisted me was not in and no one can assist me.I then asked to speak to a manager who didnt even ask what my query and said he'd call me back.He(indian male) called my about an hour later and said their queues are long and he hadnt had a chance to speak to Romeo to hear wat my story was and promised to call the following day.That was never done and I called again and asked Romeo to call the manager for me and he said he'll take my details and get the manager to call me back and that never happened.This is the most disgusting service i've ever encountered...throughout the store,all levels,all the way to management!I hope this gets to the people in charge in head office somewhere and let these managarial positions revised.Im utterly dissapointed!The Fourways branch is totally useless!

At 10:57 AM, Anonymous Alan said...

Is it even worth posting yet another comment about Telkom and their dismal service and idiotic infrastructure that enables multiple departments to know absolutely sweet bugger all about what the other does or is doing?!!?

On the promise of a line transfer in 1 month i did not suspend my account (mainly because of my business) 1 month came and went and i was told another month then another eventually after three months after phoning me and telling me the line would be installed in 2 days. Their technician phoned me on the day of installation telling me that nothing had indeed been done to fix the problem!! He gave me a number to phone and the gentleman on the other side then informed me that the lines in the area are stuffed and that it would take AT LEAST another 2 months! If telkom had told me that the transfer could only be done in a minimum of 5 months i would have made alternate arrangements...

They lie to you people, as do so many other "businesses" we are forced to deal with because we have no other choice... Come on South Africa stop bitching and moaning at braai's and STAND UP!

At 3:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does the mtn network still exsist?
Please answer me on 0762946483.

At 2:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If ever your car is dirty the 24 hr HURRICANE HILDA on Republic road in Randburg would be the last place I would ever take my car too again.

I use too be an advent customer off there's.
But not after this experience I would want too repeat in a hurry!

After stopping in the queue the "traffic coordinator" SAM rudely told me to move.
As I was in no one's way I told the man I'll wait and move my car if needed.
Witch btw never happened.
The garage they're operating from has an ATM so I thought I'll draw money while they wash my rims and get the car ready for the machine.
There ATM was out off off order...
Thought I would be able to draw cash from there quick shop with my debit card, they refused. At that time the "rude traffic coordinator" SAM came into the shop yelling at me to move my car.
I asked the man where I would find another ATM, but that was to no avail.
Back at my car I asked if they couldn't just put the car through and I would go draw money when they dry and vacuum my car. "NO HELP THERE WHAT SO EVER"..
Eventually we had a screaming match about there poor service.
I asked him for the number for the owner off the establishment also to no avail.
When I eventually got a number out off the man I found out from the person on the other end off the line that the man with witch I had the experience with was one off the owners. SAM.
I left with a dirty car and so angry I nearly wrote my car off.

HURRICANE HILDA'S staff are incompetent, rude and clueless off service...

At 8:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was involved in a car accident 12/07/2007, which was caused by the other party. I am now claiming 3rd party from her insurance company "Outsurance", who are suppose to be the best, but because they did not investigate the incident properly in the first place. I am now waiting for them to make up their minds as their client who caused the accident - has a totally different story! This is very fustrating as I am now the one out of pocket.

At 5:33 PM, Anonymous Charmaine said...

I'm a gambler at Grand West Casino in Cape Town. I'm a Platinum card holder and once spend R10000 on one day and requested a sandwich. I could't have the sandwich because I did'nt spend enough money. Well, needless to say - I stopped gambling at Grand West.

I now supports Piggs Peak Casino which is an online casino. Hell, people, they really DO appreciate their customers. Whenever I when something above R40000, I actually get a voucher at a shop of my choice for R500. Furthermore, they invite their customers to a nice dinner in a well known restaurant in the Waterfront and also give you vouchers on your birthday. They also give you vouchers to play with whenever you refer your friend to them as well. See, they really do appreciate their loyol customers.

Grand West can take a lesson or two from them.

At 10:39 PM, Anonymous Dean Meintjes said...

We are doing work for clients in Pretoria as Architects. We were told such a lot about this lodge and were invited. Well, disgusting. We waited and waited for everything as it appeared they could not cope with the amount of tables. Compliments to the waiters and waitresses though who tried in vain to make good on our meal we waited 45 min for and then was cold. We invited the manager, a blonde girl, with PMS we assume,as no one else in a managerial position can be that rude and un-accommodating when your staff is messing up in such a big way.She attacked the table that she cannot promise our staeaks would be to our satisfaction or as we ordered if she took them back. She then went on to scream like a woman in labour at the staff for all to hear and see. We then waited again and after a while decided to ask about our steak. Handre was duly instructed that the "steaks would be hot and that is that". Pissed off even more we sat down and waited, all the time the table growing more and more restless and an evening *&%^$& up. What a pity. I called on her at the office and after a moment talking realised she has no interest in me or my table but was adamant to have her say and vent her own frustration. This became nasty when she insisted we leave as we would not allow her manner to deter us. Even so she continued to embaress us and attack us and not at any time backing down or shutting the f**k up. She said the owner said we should leave if she thinks we are upsetting the other patrons. Is that what we do in South Africa when we get horrible service and cold steaks and then have a wet wipe of a girl try and defend herself without having the ability to calm a situation. Yes we did raise our voice and tell them to go.... So as we were duly instructed we all left and gave the number of the architect to them as the owner refused to give their name or number, so said the staff. So we will wait for a call in the morning and hear what will happen as we were instructed to leave the site. we would like to know - is this the atitude of Pretoria and its service? Cape Town can be mad but this was TOPS in any country we have been to and believe me we have been to shit! Dean, Cape Town 084 995 0991

At 10:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 10:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Always check your car after taking it for a service at Fury Rivonia. My car came back with no water in it, the most basic thing and they forgrt to do it. Thats not a mistake you can bush aside, i couldnt understand why my car was overheating so soon afetr a service. when i went back to enquire about it, they made it seem like it was my fault somehow and not their problem!! Fury Rivonia, what useless mechanics you have working there!!!

At 7:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cell C is for itself...I have been trying to replace my stolen handset with my Cell C insurance since June 16 this year (I have even bought just to make my life easier and limit the hell of claiming from Cell C). Three months down the line, with much cellphone contacts, numerous faxes and letters, including hours with unhelpful call centre agents - no one knows whether i had put the claim or not. Every call I make seems to be a new one (no agent has a trace of my problem on their system). My next option is the ombudsman.Cell c is for itself - not for me.The service I had to endure is awful - and I have to leave with this for next 24 months, nogal

At 7:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Cell C is for itself...I have been trying to replace my stolen handset with my Cell C insurance since June 16 this year (I have even bought just to make my life easier and limit the hell of claiming from Cell C). Three months down the line, with much cellphone contacts, numerous faxes and letters, including hours with unhelpful call centre agents - no one knows whether i had put the claim or not. Every call I make seems to be a new one (no agent has a trace of my problem on their system). My next option is the ombudsman.Cell c is for itself - not for me.The service I had to endure is awful - and I have to leave with this for next 24 months, nogal

7:07 PM

At 12:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ever think of using Rentokil Initial, save yourself the irritation and don't, their service is uselsess.

At 1:59 PM, Blogger Vusi said...

On 2 occassions I have bought goods from Cresta's Furniture city and on both occassions the service left nothing to be desired of. Recently on the 7th of Jan I bought a lounge suite consisting of 2 couches and an ottoman, little did I know receiving them will take some doing. On the 8th delivery guys came with the goods however they claimed the couch cant go through my burglar security door as it is too big - mind you they waited for me for hours as no one called me beforehand to notify me of their coming. They had to go back with the goods to their warehouse to request the legs of couches to be dismantled as it is their procedure. I was baffled on the 11 th when another set of guys delivered the couch as they are (legs still attached) and they easily put through 'the couch and the ottoman'. When I asked where is the other couch no one knew how it got left behind. Now due to some lame excuses I'll only received the other couch on Wednesday the 16th. Through all the disappointments I have experienced for the renowned furniture store the only person keeping me sane is their Sales lady Noxolo.

At 2:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...



At 4:40 PM, Blogger Ramona said...

Nandos Rivonia has to be the WORST ever. Every time we ate there. We got SHIT service, crap food an left regretting going there. We ordered take-out from there and got soggy, crap food that slipped all over the bag, the rolls were soaked in gravy that slipped. We called the manager who said he will call back... JA right, that NEVER happened.

I wish they would read this and catch a wake up!!!

At 12:15 PM, Blogger zay said...

I am at my wits end with RUSSELLS NORTHGATE!!!! I purchased a t.v there 2yrs ago, when the t.v was initially delivered it took so long, when it arrived it had a dent in the screen and some scratches on this supposedly brand new t.v.I didnt complain.Basically Ive taken this Daewoo T.V in thrice for repairs,the first time there was no screen but sound, took 2/3 wks to repair,2nd time there was no power, again inconvenienced I loaded it into my car dropped it off and had to again come and fetch it. Two days later after being repaired something blew inside and there was no sound. Again, for the 3rd time I loaded the t.v and dropped it off for repairs.They promised it would take 1 week and they would let us know when it was done.Its FEBRUARY now and we still havent gotten it back since October 2006, that's when I stopped payment for the inconvenience of this nightmare of a t.v. No feedback, we had to keep calling.Ecxuses all the time. Why should I pay for a t.v thats been more broken than of any use to me.Now Russells claim they can only give me a new t.v once the outstanding balance of almost R3000.00 for the 4mnths instalments that I held back because of bad service/goods and inconvenience. They refuse to give me the new t.v until the R3000.00 is paid upfront.The interest is ridiculous, its probably the initial price of the t.v that would of been paid in full by unfair are these people.What can I do, I know Im not wrong here, they say they only sell the goods they dont manufacture it!They have no empathy on meeting me half way atleast, where must I cough up R3000.00 in full before they can release the new t.v.

At 10:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

just some advice to those wishing to purchase the new Tata Xenon,it is the new double cab range from tata said to be better than a telcoline.What a mistake.frome purchase 1/02/2008 its been back to the dealer about 5-6 times.the vechile has serious vibrations and the seats and door panels rattle.Tata has inspected the vechile and said it is normal.the dealership tata northcliff has wwiped there hands off the matter due to Tata coment about it being normal.Worsed service i ever received from a dealership.Tata SA say they are investigating but no solutions yet.The MD of TataSA John Roberts said if they discover vechile made so they can do nothing about 2 things to remember dont buy a tata xenon and if you do then especially dont buy from Tata northcliff

At 12:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I went into to Cheaters in Midrand to request my investigation. I was told to pay the deposti which i did. They later called me and told me that the person they were trying to follow drove too fast and they could not keep up with him. All the information was furnished to them and the person worked down the road from their offices and i was told they followed him for six hours in Midrand itself which is a load of croc. That was the wnd of my R1200 with nothing from them but poor service. I even call Peter the MD and he said that he'd call me back in 10 mins weeks ago.

At 12:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The best service I have recieved in a very long time.I am leaving for a long awaited and needed rest to Europe.
After going through all the rigmarols of visas air tickets and all that jazz'there was only one more thing to do and that was to get foreighn exchange.
a very friendly and spontanious young man (I think his name is JP) at American Express in the Kolonnade shopping centre,simply set a new standerd in service in my book,he was very friendly informative and did what he did with a smile.I will most sertainly recomend to all I know of this person's service'after all it's not abought the produckt but the service
Thank you American Express and thank you JP

At 3:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We all want good service in this country ,but everyday it seems as if this will gradualy fade away.Nothing more to say just stating that service is heading the diy way.
Do it yourself and you know it is done.
Thank You

At 12:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have never received such shocking service from an interior store. It has taken 4 months to deliver my order, and the arrogent owner even sends missed calls as he can't pay for his telephone calls! What kind of business is being run here?

At 10:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i went to garankuwa hospital last week to pay a visit to my friend she was admmited there.i found it so difficult to see how patients were treted.there was this patient who was lying on his bed he was bleeding and we went to call the nurseses for help and they refuse to come with us they said they are on lunch,we waited there until they decided to come.

At 2:31 PM, Anonymous Mr Mokebe R said...




At 2:47 PM, Anonymous MOKEBE R said...



At 3:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would like to use this platform to report the excessively rude customer service I received from XECU PRINT. I needed 500 bookmarks printed in a short space of time. I got four quotes and they where the cheapest so I used there service out of convenience. I emailed the template to them very late on Wednesday evening so they could start working on it on Thursday morning. I made it VERY clear that I need them for a health promotion task in Somerset West due to take place on the following Monday at 10H00 and if they could not accommodate me they should say so and I will find someone who can. They charged me for the bookmarks and for artwork. I have no objection for paying for artwork. The bookmarks where ready late Friday and I had to get someone to fetch them before close a business. Well the ARTWORK they had charged me for was changing the font of the "i" I had used to symbolise the "i" symbol for information which is in the font Times New Roman to something the resembled a "1". They did this without my knowledge and it negated all the other advertising I had done. I called the cell phone number just before close of business, as there land line was not working. The first time it rang and I left a voicemail reporting the error they had printed and later when I tried they had switched the cell phone off. I emailed them on Friday to inform them of this mistake. So on Monday I did my presentation and had to hand out the bookmarks as it had resources the students needed however the "i" no longer had any relevance. When I got back to my email on Monday after the presentation, I was shocked. The OWNER Sylvia who I had been dealing with reply was completely rude and unprofessional. She said I should be grateful for the fast printing after I had paid her and I should find someone else to do my printing in future (well that goes without saying), she said she would refund my money on return of the bookmarks. I replied very courteously to inform her that I found her reply very distasteful and explained that like I had said already I had to hand out the bookmarks so I could not return them. Well I am still waiting for her reply. So just a warning to AVOID POOR CUSTOMER CARE, AVOID XECU PRINT. For more information please contact me

At 3:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In my opinie, Leopards en Louries in Camperdown, Hulle webwerf is niks soos die akomadasie regtig is nie. Dit is beter om jou werkers daar te laat oor slaap maar nie jou familie nie. Die partykies wat daar gehou word is waalglik, iets soos "swinger" partykies. Die feit dat Camperdown Munisipaliteit vir hul die reg gegee het om besigheid te doen, is iets onverwags.

At 11:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am disgusted by theservice from the Mimosa Engen Covenience Shop. On 1 October at about 21h30 i drove my car there with a friend to have the left rear tyre inflated.The petrol attendant came to my vehicle sat on his behind on the pavement where the pumps were,inflating the tyre whilst sitting flat with his head down looking to the ground. I asked to have the tyre 2bars and he only inflated 1.7bars and stopped, when asked why he stopped at 1.7 and not 2bars he walked off and said with an attitude "at least I tried".

He said the pump was faulty and that I should move to another pump,which i did.At the other pump he refused to assist me with the inflating and mumbled something i could not hear.I thought to avoid arguing with him and resolved to address the problem professionaly.So I went into the shop to go asked for the manager's details to report this fuel attendant's bad attitude.

When I got inside,i asked the ladies behind the counter,named Daphne & Jennifer for the manager's details,they told me there is no manager and if there is one,they dont know the name.She went on to say why dont we just go and leave the petrol attendant as he has done his job,as far as they are concerned (these ladies were being spiteful and even laughed at each other when saying this to me).I told Daphne how disgusted i was at the petrol attendant's attitude and now she is being rude also.This lady,Daphne broke loose and said to me "What are you saying,hai Voetsek, man, dont come here with your service nonsonse".I told her she has no right to speak to me that way and insisted on the name of the manager.

She replied that they dont have a name or number for A manager and,if i want to see A manager i can come at 06h00 am and hope to find a manager there(still very spiteful).Then i told her their service is absoutely bad. To my surprise she started shouting and getting all aggro,pointing her finger at my face and even challenging me to a fight inside the shop,whilst other customers were waiting in line to be served at the counter.

She still keep on yelling in my face "Voetsek" out of the way,i want to help other customers".There were two male pertol attendant's, two other ladies besides this Daphne and Jenifer at the counter,who also refused to give the manager details of Engen Mimosa Area near Cresta.

Eventually one lady,unknown, gave me a till slip with this Engen convenience shop's tel.number on.We left because we felt so verbally and physically assaulted by the bad service at this Engen fuel station in Mimosa on Beyers Naude Drive, near Cresta, when u travel from Melville's side!!!


At 3:15 PM, Anonymous Jeanette said...

I have never received such a disgusting service from SPUR STEAK RANCHES in Boksburg, next to Birchwood Hotel.On Saturday 4th October 2008 at 15h20, I went there with my 16 year old son to have lunch. As we arrived we were seated and this white lady came to attend us, she took our order and dissapeared for 30 minutes. I then asked one of the cleaners to call her for us, as we've been waiting for half an hour. She came and pretended as if everything is ok, and told me that your food will be ready in no time. She finally brought our food and left there and there, after finishing eating I then called someone to call her again as we needed some wet wipers or the normal lemon water in a bowl. She came and told me that the restuarant is out of lemon hence she did not prepare the lemon water for us and I asked for the wet wipes and she told me that they dont give them out to customers anymore. I did'nt understand how then should I clean my hands from the sticky ribs saurce.The lady treated us in a bad manner, I dont think I will ever go to that SPUR again or any other SPUR

At 12:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

samsung being such a large and wealthy company provides the most pathetic customer service that i have experienced thus parents purchased a fridge a few months ago and paid quite a steep price for it.the fridge stopped working in this week and after having to contact Samsung several times, they finally got a response.a technician was sent out to the house.he informed my mum that the motor was not working and left saying she needed to phone samsung as there was nothing he could mum spoke to a guy by the name of Deepak who said that it would take a week to get the mum questioned if they would be able to get a fridge on loan as they werent managing without one.he said that they dont provide that and put the phone down.this was totally unacceptable especially after the price that was paid and the amount of phone calls that were made to get some feedback

At 3:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I ordered spare ribs with fruit cocktail juice from steers menlyn pretoria and i alomost fainted of hunger after they only dileverd after 45min and they had promised to deliver in 15min. when the delivery men arrived, he had forgoten my juice, so they went back to get my juice wich took another 2hrs, not to mention that i had paid for the juice already. till today i am still waiting for the juice.

talk about bad service !!!!!!!!

At 8:40 AM, Anonymous AJ said...

Standard Bank Home Insurance is "Supposed" to be hassel free instead it is the worst insurance to deal with. When you call the home assist they are never able to assist you & when you do eventually managed to lodge a claim they send incompitent people to sort the problem. I loged a claim @ the end of October regarding the hail & lignthning storm that damaged my gate motor, window & pool heating system. Due to the incompitent people that Standard Bank Insurance sends I have ever since been having problems with the gate motor that was "supposed" to have been fixed. They have even damaged the lock on my motor.Instead of helping me they seem to be causing more issues.I seem to be going from pillar to post with them so hence I would never recomend them to anyone.

At 1:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have ordered 4 sub form debonairs Auckland park and waited 3 hours for my food, after a phone call to the branch manager. My office is situated 10 km from the debonairs. we order monthly about 20 pizza's for our company from this branch, but after this experience, I would rather take my business elsewhere.

At 3:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Niche Sampling Campaignes: If I have any advice for promoters out their, dont work for these people, all they do is exploit young people and think that because they have being around the block and back that they can get away with this! I am going to expose you for the con artists that you are! And will not rest untill your so called "reputation" is destroyed to a non - existance! Kerry you think you have been around the block and you know all and think you are untouchable, i will show you otherwise, make no mistake, this is one little person who you sadly miss-judged and i will not allow you to what you did to me to someone else! that you can count one!!!!!

At 7:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I went to Mr video at Tsakane mall on x-mas eve to hire some movies, I taken three movies includin Borat. I was suprised when the lady gave me a pirated disc, it was actually a home made copy, when I asked her why a copied disc, she said I only work here, and the manager was unavailable at the time.

At 2:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Somebody says beware of Woolworths...I had a woolworths credit card R4000 straight and R4000 budget. I could not pay and they took my account to the lawyers. The interest rate on the R8000 was in total R22000,00 thats without the lawyers fee. Account was R800 per month and offered R300 they said no. They took me to court and also a garnish order at work....Please think before you open any account as it is easy to get but not so easy when you have a problem. They even mailed you cards but think again.

At 2:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don"t buy TATA..they are the worst for customer service.Tatasa refuse to honour thier warranty because thier own dealership did not istall a emos system. Now only Tata and thier respective agencies know about this system...So now it is a in house fighting about who is resposible, and in the meantime I'm without a vehicle. So much for the customer comes first!!

At 10:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous- Umhlanga Spar owner Brain has no respect to other follow human beings. He cannot address a matter like an adult but resorts to name calling like a child which i don't think is fair. He and the rest of his staff at the Umhlanga Spar should learn some respect and manners. Spar S.A should ensure that when selling a SPAR to a person, that person should not only have MONEY but also have MANNERS to ensure that the best service is offer to everyone. The way the customers and suppliers are treated shows a very poor reflection on SPAR S.A as all spars are regards to be the same. Customers and Suppliers alike should be treated with respect.

At 4:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Peter

No person should buy any vehicle from AT Used cars in Boksburg.
As per Joey Salesrep the car I purchased has never taken for AA test and today I am sitting with a big big problem. Nor a Service History book was provided to me. How am I suppose to claim from my Warinty.
I had a clutch problem from the day I collected vehicle I arranged for an exchange since 2007 up till today I waiting. I have received mail from the bank in black and white that the exchange will happen. This took the Dealer 2years and still no exchange what a mess. I am so mad with this dealer.
I am going to take them to my Attorney.

At 9:41 AM, Anonymous Marius said...

Am I the only person frustrated by the terrible service MTN provides. They promote themselves on having facilities where you can monitor your account status continuously, but I am forever getting error messages stating that due to technical problems that service is anavailable. (Due to temporary network difficulties...) There is nothing temporary about there network difficulties, you're lucky if 1 in 20 attempts to check your account status is successful.

My cell phone bill is an average of R650 per month, but all I get for being a loyal client is sh*t poor service in return.

MTN truly sucks!

At 3:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have never come across such bad customer service as I did on Sunday 29 March 2009 at CTM in Randburg. I needed to purchase floor and wall tiles and taps for my kitchen so I strolled down the aisles looking for what I wanted and within 10 minutes I knew exactly what I wanted to buy. I then looked around for a sales person to assist me but couldn’t find anyone around. I then approached all the guys that were standing at the tills. The 1 guy told me that he would be with me in 5 minutes as he was just assisting another customer. I happily agreed and continued to brose around. Half an hour goes by so I look for someone else to assist me, the guy tells me the same thing so I walk away again waiting patiently. When another half an hour passed by I eventually got someone to assist me but only to find out that the tiles I wanted was out of stock. We then had to look for other tiles but eventually got what we wanted and I paid for the tiles and tap and went on my way. We then get told to drive to dispatch to collect the goods, at dispatch I find out that not all the things I bought fitted on my bakkie and that I would have to make 2 trips to have all my goods at home. I then get told that they close at 2pm and the time was 01H30. I didn’t make it back in time and was forced to go back the next day to fetch the rest of my tiles and other things. I was then also told that they didn’t have the tap I ordered as it was out of stock. The guy who helped me told me that he would source the same tap from another CTM and that they would call me back during the week when it arrives to collect it. I agreed and left the store. On Friday 03 April I still haven’t heard from the sales guy about my tap. When I call them in the morning the same guy who assisted me tells me that he’ll see if they did receive stock and will call me back. I was very upset and deeply disappointed that they didn’t even have the decency to contact me to inform me that they received stock. When I asked him for the manager’s name to report the bad service to, he hesitated to give me a name and tried to come up with a story as to why he didn’t call me back. This is unacceptable and I can promise you one thing, I will never go back to the CTM in Randburg ever again because the Customer Service is POOR.

At 10:10 AM, Anonymous Vee said...

I was extremely unhappy with the manager's attitude at Piatto in Bel Airs Mall in Jozi. i did not get her name, but it was the coloured lady working on 3 april at about 19:00.the waitress had gotten my order wrong, and i told her to change it. she went to the kitchen, and the manageress came to my table. she was extremely rude and abrupt, and told me that it was my fault! I did explain that i asked for my meal to be prepared in a certain manner-she went back to the kitchen, brought my meal to the table, and handed me said meal with a rude attitude, and very haughtily and rudely asked " is that all? there was no apology for getting the order mixed up. I am usually happy with the service at Piatto, but this was a horrible experience.

At 10:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why companies can't or wont look after their staff? Cost of living increases daily and our salaries wow they remain the same. unhappy from LL

At 4:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Last weekend i bought a Blackberry 9300 for R2499 for my son and in no way was it indicated that it was a special which ended on a certain date. this weekend i decided to go back to the Vodashop at Menlyn to purchase one for myself as my phone has seen the last. after standing in a queue for 20 mins they informed me that they they dont have prepaid stock for R2499 only upgrade stock which will cost me R3059. I asked them to find out if the Vodashop in Brooklyn has stock to which Mpho (Brooklyn) replied they have plenty of stock. I phoned them myself to confirm and requested they keep one for me. When my son arrived there he was told they now cost R4000. I work for a retail company and this is not what you do to customers!!! Our customers would've got the product for the price they were told even if we are wrong. The lady i spoke to could only suggest i speak to her manager??????!!!!!! Vodashop Brooklyn need to catch a wake up and maybe go for training in customer service, they are clueless as to what is going on in their workplace, take some tips from the biggest retail company in this country.

At 4:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am really wondering what a large furniture retail group like Lewis stores think when appoint managers. Or should I rather wonder what training the managers get in relation to good customer service??
I recently bought goods to the value of R20 000 from the Lewis branch he lounge suite was R10 000. A month after the purchase the one of the 2 place couches "imploded". the seat decided to hit the floor! The darlings at Lewis after 2 weeks of complaints form my side, "promptly" collected the offenseive piece of furniture an fixed it. Heloooo, a week later the second chair also "imploded" on itself! Again the manager , after hopping about like a gecko on hot desert sand, is offering to "fix" the couch.
Why should I spend R10 000 on a piece of furniture that needs FIXING? I want the entire set to be replaced, but the manager refuses this option. I may just as well have bought a send hand set at a vastly lower price!! Not only is the manager at Lewis unwilling to help and offer friendly assistance- he made me feel that I am somehow responsible! What happened to "the customer is always right"??? Lewis I'll not stop complaining untill I am satisfied that I really did get the best deal and I really am "Welcome Home" as your logo so loudly proclaims!!

At 4:03 PM, Anonymous wheelchairs said...

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At 11:51 AM, Anonymous Burgess said...

A few months ago we booked a weekend away at Masada Guest House in Langebaan. They mailed us to ask if we would like to change the date coz they had an offer they could not refuse for a full house that weekend. We could not change the date and they asked if they could us up at Club Mykonos. We agreed. The unit they put us into was a complete dump. There was sand and dust everywhere, when we opened the tap, the water that came out was pitch black, no exaggeration. It was an ancient tv, with no remote, not a bar of soap or dish washing liquid in the place. The pots were dirty, and the ice bucket was full of cigarette ash. When we arrived, we were told at reception that the builders are busy revamping some of the units around us and there would be some inconvenience. But we were not aware that they would start knocking and drilling at 7am in the morning while we were still asleep. When we got back home, we sent an email to Masada, wanting to know if they would put overseas clients in a unit like that, if not, why us. To date we are still waiting for a courtesy call from Masada. I resent my mail a week later, and yet still no reply.

At 2:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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