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Wednesday, October 20, 2004


I am reading The Complete Reference HTML Second Edition by Thomas A Powell. Hopefully my desire to improve the boring appearance of my blog will be stronger than my inbuilt resistance to learning anything technical. Also, maybe blogging about my progress will help keep me on track. My husband is delighted that I am finally taking an interest, he is sick of looking at the the blank expression and glazed over eyes that overcome me when he expounds on his favourite topic. He has offered to give me books on visual basic and C sharp when I have finished this one, but I told him that I am not that ambitious and just want to fix up my blog. I have finished reading chapter one and now understand terms like elements with attributes, nesting, and alphanumeric tags. I will soon be able to tell the difference between logical and physical HTML, and why HTML is not a WYSIWYG design language. From now on I will no longer be wasting my evenings in mundane pursuits like television, I will be hunched over a thousand page textbook of biblical proportions learning a valuable skill.


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