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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

MRN on Al Quaida suspects

The Media Review Network (a media organisation with the stated aim of dispelling myths and stereotypes about Palestinians propagating myths and stereotypes about Zionism) has released a press statement concerning the two South Africans who were arrested in Pakistan for having alleged links to Al Quaida. Last night news broke that the two had confessed to planning terrorist attacks against tourist destinations in Johannesburg. This does appear to be unlikely since South Africa has been strongly vocal in it's stance against the war on Iraq and it seems diificult to think of a motive that Al Qaida might have against South Africa. But then again, why did the two men come up with this particular confession, even if it was made made under the duress of torture. From the MRN:

"Claims that South African “Al-Qaeda” suspects plan to bomb SA tourist sites is ludicrous!

The Media Review Network finds the accusation that Dr. Feroz Ganchi and Zuber Ismail planned to bomb tourist sites in South Africa absolutely ludicrous. This statement issued by the Pakistani intelligence, probably at the behest of their masters in the CIA/Mossad, surely cannot be considered by even the most dimwitted, as credible.

What possible justification would Al Qaeda - whoever they may be - have to plant explosives at South African tourist sites? South Africa has resolutely stood by its principles that any action taken in Iraq, Afghanistan or elsewhere must be done under the aegis of the United Nations or other multi lateral organisations. Why should they risk alienating the South African government?

The Pakistani Government has surrendered its sovereignty under the authoritarian dictatorship of General Pervez Musharraf. In order to gain some legitimacy it has shamefully prostituted the entire nation to the USA.

The MRN dismisses these reports with utter contempt. We regard this as a feeble attempt to profile South African Muslims as terrorists. Let us remember the failure of the US and British intelligence and their craftiness in fabricating "evidence" to acheive their devious objectives.

The MRN expresses serious concern that the two South Africans held in the Pakistani prison are being tortured to make these so-called confesions. Similar confessions were made under duress at the Abu Ghraib prison recently. We urge the South African government and human rights organisations to insist on immediate access to these South Africans."

So now the Jews are behind the Pakistani intelligence services and in some way responsible for the lack of democracy in that country. Who is being ludicrous here? It is patently ridiculous to imply that Israel or the Mossad was pulling the strings behind this Al Qaida bust - I suppose Iqbal Jassat cannot resist the slightest opportunity to try and score a point against Israel.


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