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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Stander Gang

The Stander Gang was one one of South Africa's most notorious crime gangs:
The Stander Gang were South Africa’s most famous bank robbers, becoming the stuff of legend. Their exploits gripped the country’s attention and were written about in countless articles and books. They also captured the imagination of crime author Rob Marsh. Rob: “They took on the forces of law and order, they were successful; for a time they were the most wanted people in South Africa. They were in all the newspapers. I mean it was big news and they were doing things that, in one sense, some of us like to think that we’d like to do – in other words, get one over on authority.” The members of the gang were Andre Stander a former policeman turned bank robber, Patrick Lee McCall a car thief and fraudster, and Allan Heyl a car thief and bank robber. It all began in 1977. (More)
The only surviving gang member, 52 year old Allan Heyl will be in court to ask for parole on Friday. He has served 19 years out of his 33 year prison sentence. He has been denied parole but is taking his case to the Pretoria High Court.
Heyl reportedly wants an early release to enable him to claim royalties from a recent American-made film about the gang's exploits.
According to a News article that I can no longer access without registration:
He decided that bank robbery is not something he wants to pursue and has turned his back on it. He is committed to make a success of his life should he be released, according to an affidavit handed in to the Pretoria High Court. A report by forensic criminologist doctor Irma Labuschagne stated that Heyl underwent a "radical change" and grew emotionally while he was doing time in a British prison for robbery.


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