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Tuesday, July 20, 2004


Someone out there keeps a daily blog of sorts about gossip overheard on the London tubes.

* It's not Baileys. It's a smooth Irish cream liqueur. But it isn't Baileys. 
* Mariella Frostrup is really thick. She thinks having a foreign name makes her clever.
* I have no fucking interest in how some fucking journalist conquered her alcoholism and made an article out of it. 
* Dr Who was not Welsh. He came from Gallifrey. 
* It's a kind of terracota colour. It's almost pink but not quite. It's like rust.
* The delays aren't because of the rain, but they use the rain as an excuse anyway. 
* I don't know what was in that curry but my stomach is all over the place today. 
* Imagine Primal Scream, but as a Japanese boyband... that's how they sound.

And my personal favourite
* My kids all know everything about Bowie and Bolan etc. I would die of shame if they couldn't sing along to the Pistols.
Via things magazine 


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