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Friday, July 30, 2004

Darfur: Considering the solutions

Black Star Journal  has an entry on the steps that should be taken in Darfur.  Regarding military intervention he makes a good point:
Any intervention must be done by African Union and/or Arab League troops with technical assistance and funding from the European Union and the US. It is important that the intervention be done by an AU or Arab force. A western-led force will immediately lead to charges of imperialism and will necessarily stoke the fires of Arab nationalism and domestic Sudanese resistance, no matter how legitimate the cause or illegitimate the targeted. Simply put, a western-led intervention in Darfur can't be successful because of the pot it would stir up. An AU intervention would be much harder to tar with the 'neo-colonialist' brush.
But, so far the Arab League has not made a peep about Darfur, at least not in any major way, it doesn't seem like they are interested in getting involved and as for the AU do they have the military capacity to sort out the Sudanese if it came down to a full on confrontational level, or would they end up becoming embroiled in yet another ongoing conflict?


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