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Wednesday, July 28, 2004


Fifteen minutes has the link to an unbelievable story about how the Palestinians made money by selling concrete to the Israeli's for their barrier. Arafat was aware of this despite having referred to the wall as a "crime against humanity".  Apparently the "cement originally came from Egyptian companies which supplied it at a huge discount of $22 (£12.50) a ton to help rebuild dilapidated Palestinian houses or buildings bulldozed by the Israelis."
Wow, I'm completely speechless. As fifteen minutes says, talk about the hypocracy! It will be interesting to see if this gets picked up by the mainstream media, especially the global tv broadcasters.
I don't agree with what fifteen minutes has to say about Islam though. In my opinion a statement like "Then I realise that this is Islam we're talking about, and hypocrisy is nothing new," is somewhat racist to say the least, and gets us nowhere. Does this mean that all Muslims are hypocritical?


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