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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Al Quaida/SA

Sapa reports today that the South African men arrested in Pakistan are indeed Al Quaida suspects. Well, not in so many words. The terminology being used is "links to Al Quaida" and "suspected terrorist activities."
"They are said to be Feroze Ganchi, a doctor from Fordsburg, Johannesburg, and 20-year-old student Zubair Ismael, from Laudium, Pretoria. According to South African newspaper reports the families of both men were outraged at the idea that they were terrorists, and denied it. Instead they speculated that their passports might have been stolen."
"Asked whether these were the first South Africans to be arrested  for links to al-Qaida, Selby Bokaba, spokesman for the national police commissioner was not able to comment. He was also not able to speak about what happened to suspected terrorists reportedly arrested in South Africa before the elections  in April. "This information was not supposed to reach the media," he told Sapa."
The fact that the police aren't talking makes one wonder what they are trying to hide. This is information that the public has the right to know about.


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