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Monday, June 21, 2004

Pet Astrology

The Scorpio Cat is determined and focused. Whether it's a mouse that needs to be chased or a sunbeam that needs to be laid in, the Scorpio cat will perform the task with unrelenting resolve. Scorpio cats are also passionate and they enjoy everything they do. They are as intense playing and having fun as they are giving themselves a bath. They will focus on whatever they are doing or on an object of their desire with unbroken concentration, or until they hear a tuna can in the opener.
Strong points: Energetic, intelligent, passionate
Weak Points: Possesive, jealous, difficult to understand
Health: Good; slightly liable to bladder infection.

Based on this I will have to conclude that pet astrology is a load of bollocks. The description doesn't come remotely close to my cat's personality. And in case anyone doubts my sanity - yes, I know, tenuous at best, the reason I was reading it in the first place was because it happened to be on the website for Keringa Kennels. I am looking for a home for my cat while we are away in July. Based on the website Keringa looks really good, but my main motivation I have to confess is that they fetch and deliver - anything to avoid the trauma of being in a car at the same time as the above mentioned cat.


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