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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Inauguration Day

Fodder reports on inauguration day saying "It is awesome to be South African."

I couldn't agree more. Today was an incredible day, a day I think I will always remember. I went to the inauguration ceremony, ok it was work related, but at least that got me there. Right now my mind is pretty much boggled since I left for work at 2.30am yesterday and have still not been to bed yet and it's 8.00pm Tuesday. Right now my mind is a combobbled mix of noise, freedom songs, colour, music, 21 gun salutes and most of all, most spectacularly of all, a day of military flypasts. As unintellectual as that may sound, as patriotic as that may sound, as caught up in the pomp and splendour of it all, as that may sound, the military flypasts will stick in my mind the most. I wish that I was a better writer so that I could give you a sense of the sheer magicality, absolute power, and feeling of pride of seeing firstly the oryx helicopters with South African flags strung out below, the 10 Astra aircraft in formation, the three huge jumbos and best of all the cheetahs. Painted in the colours of the South African flag, thunderous sonic boom, streak of energy across the sky, and the awed crowds down below. It was a day to be proud to be South African.