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Monday, March 01, 2004

Toffee Ripple

A South African software company called Full Cream Software has come up with a new software package that allows you to search using your preferred search engine but brings up the results as thumbnail pictures of the website. The package is called Toffee Ripple, and according to Mark Carroll, MD of Full Cream Software, the visual representation of the pages is meant to help make your surfing easier by allowing you to glance quickly over the offered page and identify if it is what you are looking for, before actually going into it. Carroll admits there are similar programs available but none that work in real time like Toffee Ripple. The programme can be downloaded from the internet, and there were 1000 downloads in it's first week of release. It's not Apple Mac compatible yet - an Apple Mac version is expected to be launched later this year, along with upgrades.