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Monday, March 15, 2004

Springbok to stay?

Contrary to a report in a Sunday newspaper, the national rugby team will continue to use the Springbok as its official emblem and will still be known as the Springboks. The Sunday Times reported that, "Rugby's Springbok emblem is on its way out after almost 100 years", but yesterday a Sarfu spokesperson said that was not entirely accurate. "The Springbok will not disappear from South African rugby," said Sarfu communications manager Anthony Mackaiser, before adding: "Sarfu is in discussion with the SA Sports Commission regarding the logo and they along with the National Colours Board have given us permission to continue using the Bok emblem. "At those talks we will discuss how the king protea will be positioned alongside the leaping Springbok," added Mackaiser. "That is the only issue at the moment." Currently, the rugby emblem contains a Springbok leaping towards a protea that encompasses a rugby ball. The most likely change that could occur would see the ball being removed from inside the protea and the protea being repositioned around the Springbok. "The protea is the emblem of all sport in SA and we acknowledge that, but we will still award Bok colours and will continue to be known as the Springboks." Sarfu president Brian van Rooyen was unavailable for comment.