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Monday, March 22, 2004

Party Info

20,674,926 voters have registered out of a possible 27,416,363 according to people of voting age in the last census (2001).
There are 17 000 voting districts.
Altogether 37 political parties submitted candidates' lists.
Eleven parties will contest the elections nationally and provincially;
Three parties will contest the elections nationally;
Seven parties will contest the elections nationally and one or more provinces;
Fourteen parties will contest the elections in one or more provinces only;

They are as follows:
National and all 9 provinces (10):
African National Congress - ANC
Democratic Alliance/Demokratiese Alliansie - DA
Nuwe Nasionale Party/New National Party - NNP
African Christian Democratic Party - ACDP
United Democratic Movement - UDM
United Christian Democratic Party - UCDP
Vryheidsfront Plus - VF Plus
Pan Africanist Congress of Azania - PAC
Azanian People's Organisation - AZAPO
Independent Democrats - ID
National and 8 provinces (1):
Inkatha Freedom party - IFP (EC, FS, GP, NW, WC, MP, KZN, NC)
National and 6 provinces (1):
Nasionale Aksie/National Action - NA (EC, FS, GP, LP, NW, WC)
National and 4 provinces (1):
The Socialist Party of Azania - SOPA (EC, GP, KZN, MP)
National and 2 provinces (2):
Peace and Justice Congress - PJC (GP, WC)
Christian Democratic Party - CDP (GP, KZN)
National and 1 province (2):
Minority Front - MF (KZN)
New Labour Party - NLP (WC)
National only (4):
The Organisation Party - TOP
United Front - UF
Keep It Straight and Simple - KISS
The Employment Movement of South Africa - EMSA
Provinces only (16):
Peace and Development Party - PDP (KZN, WC)
The Cape People's Congress - CPC (NC, WC)
Economic Freedom Movement - EFM (GP)
Pro-Death Penalty Party - PDP (GP)
Independent African Movement - IAM (KZN)
Izwi Lethu Party - ILP (KZN)
Ximoko Party - XP (LP)
Black People's Convention - BPC (GP)
Africa Muslim Party - AMP (WC)
Moderate Independent Party - MIP (WC)
Alliance for Democracy and Prosperity - ADP (LP)
The Green Party of South Africa - GPGP (WC)
Universal Party - UP (WC)
Royal Loyal Progress - RLP (KZN)
Sindawonye Progressive Party - SPP (MP)
Dikwankwetla Party of South Africa - DPSA (FS)