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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Assessing the opposition

Last week linked to a list of reasons by 'Strawdog' why one shouldn't vote ID. I have been meaning to comment on this but am only getting around to it now. One of the reasons given was that Patricia de Lille was second only to Winnie Mandela in poor attendance at Parliament - actually this is far from the truth. Patricia is one of the politicians who's conscientious about attending, just think about it - how many times have you seen her on the tv news in Parliament voicing her opposition to something. The point about the ID's being me a political party that isn't?
Another point mentions that "A strong DA/IFP alliance is the best chance of rallying together an opposition that will control the Western Cape and Kwa-Zulu Natal..." - KZN sure, it's the IFP's traditional stronghold after all. As far as the Western Cape goes, this is wishful thinking, the IFP has minimal support in the WC, in recent pre-election opinion polls carried out by Markinor and Idasa the IFP doesn't even register. As for the DA, they're competing with the NNP, the ID's and the ANC in that province and the outcome remains uncertain, and will depend largely on voter turnout which is anyone's guess at this stage.
'Strawdog' goes on to say that "Her policies are airy-fairy, populist, and impractical..." Well, that may or may not be so, but impractical is certainly a word one could use to describe some of the DA's policies .They are long on rhetoric and short on practicalities in many instances. Take for example something the DA has said on policing - local municipalities are expected to provide funding from citizens to pay for the increased number of policemen Tony promises to supply, all very well in Sandton, but this might be problematic in Alexandra where most of the population is unemployed. A lot of the DA policies tell you all about what they plan to do but don't actually explain how they plan to do all these wonderful things.